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Before we start any repair/service work, we’ll contact you for confirmation on how you would like to proceed once the diagnostic is completed. The standard PC Pickup/Delivery Service costs - $55 plus GST (2- 3 day business days for professional PC diagnostics and/or repair to find out what is wrong and fix it.) (this is for residential clients)
When you PC isn’t operating like it should—call us to arrange a suitable time to pickup your PC for service :) London, St. Thomas, Strathroy & surrounding areas

Big-name system vendors typically install software on their consumer PCs at the factory. These bundleware are just useless crap. The vendors install it under the guise of helping you out, but mostly they do it to get money from the software makers. We will decrapify your new computer so that you have a clean lean system. Only essential software will be on your pc, ensuring not to slow down your pc with useless software from the beginning. We will install antivirus software.  

Big Box Stores charges $150 for new PC/laptop setup?!  We do this for $55 and include antivirus & office suite.  Choose Brilliant Solutions as your tech option and save some money!!  


To prevent data loss is to backup regularly 
The solution for ensuring your files are never lost is to make back up files. When you back up your files, you pictures, financial and personal information, music, and all of your important data on your computer will never be lost. Hardware failures, freezes, and crashes do happen even under the most caution care. Be prepared for the worst!
We can install backup software on your computer which will automatically backup your data and be setup to perform this on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending how often you require the task to be performed.
We can also connect an external hard drive which simply connects through a USB port. This external hard drive is where your backed up data will be stored. Therefore incase of a system failure, your data is safe & sound.
This is an inexpensive way to ensure your data is safe and always available! Call us for more info.
Your life and your work is almost entirely in digital form. Losing your data would be devastating, and ultimately may cause serious harm to my personal and professional life. There’s nothing worse than your data being lost and is something you don’t ever want to go through. Backing up isn’t being paranoid–it’s being smart.