Commercial CCTV 

Surveillance camera systems help your business by reducing shrinkage and deterring theft. 90% of theft is internal - see what goes on when you’re not around. Protecting your assets and employees.

There’s no better method of improving a property’s security than by installing CCTV security cameras.

How do CCTV security cameras work?

A CCTV security camera is usually installed at a strategic viewpoint, often near the entrance to a building. Once in place, it monitors a wide area and records video footage.

The camera can send footage to either a physical storage device nearby or to the cloud to store data remotely. From there, the CCTV camera’s owner can access and review recordings.

Most CCTV cameras can also be watched live while they record.

What are the 3 types of CCTV security cameras?

CCTV security cameras fall into three categories. CCTV installation requirements vary depending on the type of camera.

The three main types of CCTV systems are:

*Digital video recording systems. These systems are wired and use analog cameras. They’re usually the cheapest option and offer basic image quality.

*Network video recording systems. These either connect wirelessly or via ethernet cables. They feature a high-resolution camera.

*IP cameras. These cameras only require electricity and an internet connection. From there, they organize and store recordings on the internet. This information can then be accessed through an app or website.

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